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Best practices for a brand's privacy policy

Brandt Dainow's latest article shows how organisations should replace their privacy policies with privacy strategies and make them central to business intelligence.


A privacy policy can be a hassle or an asset; it's up to you. But with a little effort, you can allay consumer concerns with smart communications. Here's how.

Read it here:

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founding member of the International Web Analytics Association.

Brandt Dainow of ThinkMetricsWelcome to Brandt Dainow's website.

Hi and thanks for visiting Brandt's website. Brandt is an independent web analyst and writer and a doctoral student at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. This website contains information about his research, his publications and Brandt's professional services.

As a consultant, Brandt specialises in services which help organisations understand and improve their website's performance. As a philosopher, Brandt seeks contact with people interested in extending our understanding of the Cyberspace.

This site contains a range of material, which Brandt hopes is of interest to you.


Brandt Dainow writes for the business community on issues relating to web analytics, digital marketing and search engine optimisation. Brandt's aim is to provide actionable information founded on common sense and a deep regard for the bottom line.

Brandt also writes about Cyberspace from a philosophical perspective. His aim is to develop philosophical insights which can underpin society's thinking about the web, cyberspace and all things digital.


Brandt Dainow has been a regular contributing journalist in Web Analysis and Digital Marketing in iMedia Connection since 2002, ranging from introductory articles for the beginner to in-depth analyses of statistical methodologies in the field of web analytics. Many of these articles are reproduced here:

Articles about Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Brandt is available to write on request for specific publications. Contact him to discuss your needs.

Philosophical papers

The philosophy section contains Brandt's philosophical musings and publications.

Here you will find the items most likely to be of interest: Brandt's most frequently cited article: "Necessary Inaccuracies in Web Analytics" and most recent peer-reviewed publications.


Bespoke reporting - customised web analytics reports

[Bespoke web analytics reports]

Web analytics systems like Google Analytics or Google AdWords Reports produce a huge array of data, most of which is useless noise. All of these reporting systems need to be brought under control so they produce reports which are actually useful. What a report should contain depends on who's going to read it, but it should never contain everything.

Brandt's speciality is determining what data an organisation needs and producing customised reports which deliver that information in a useful form: easy-to-understand and actionable. Co-ordinating a network of programmers who specialise in web analytics, Brandt offers bespoke web analytics reporting systems customised to an organisation's particular needs.

Bespoke Google Analytics reports

We datamine Google Analytics produce high-quality reports customised for your needs such as performance evaluation, board-level presentation, and powerpoint presentations. Datamining Google Analytics widens the range of information available. Data mining Google Analytics allows website data to be integrated into other data, such as Adwords, CMS sales data, server reports or SAP. The ability to datamine Google Analytics provides access to including information not available within standard Google Analytics reports and to corrects for known Google Analytics errors.

Our aim is to produce reports which look polished and professional and which deliver actionable information in understandable manner. This section contains more information about Brandt's bespoke reporting services...

If you need reports about your website, but can't get what you need, this service is for you...

Sample web analytics reports

This section contains some sample bespoke web analytics reports...



Web analytics services

"There are two aspects to web analytics - an organisation's ability to use their web analytics systems and the actual application of web analytics information to manage and improve performance. Neither happens automatically and most organisations could use a little help." - B.D.

Web analytics consulting

A highly experienced consultant, Brandt helps organisations to manage their web analytics capabilities. Concerns may include staff, technology, planning, strategy, organisation or internal processes.

Website performance improvement

Website performance improvement is applied web analytics. It means analysing web analytics data to generate to-do lists which will improve the performance of the site, usually in terms of income or enquiries.

Site performance improvement is for those companies who want to put their website at the centre of their business strategy.

Website search engine optimisation

Brandt provides Search Engine Optimisation services to English-language websites around the world. He's been doing this since 1996 and has evolved a unique methodology through trial-and-error over many years. Brandt's methodology is a little different from what most SEO agencies offer because he focuses on what's in the website, whereas most SEO is done via link building. However, it gets his clients top listings and plenty of high-quality traffic. You can find more information about Brandt Dainow's search engine optimisation services on the SEO page.

Website SEO is about building a website which search engines want to list.

Case studies

See our case study in which we show how we improved performance 500% in just three months.


Web analytics training

Brandt has been delivering business and technical training courses about the web since 1992. He has also participated in the development of courses with the University of British Columbia and at Maynooth University, where Brandt is an occasional lecturer in ICT ethics and web analytics in the Computer Science department. Commercial training courses on XML, search engine marketing, web analysis and commercial management of websites are available.

Corporate training

Brandt specialises in onsite corporate training. Organisations he has trained include Microsoft, IBM, Ford, the International Atomic Energy Commission, US Air Force, Oracle, London's Natural History Museum, Unisys, British Telecom and many others across Europe and the US.

Training courses are priced by the day, not the number of students. If you have 3 or more students, we guarrantee costs will be lower than any per-student training fees.

If you have staff who need training in web analytics, contact me to discuss your requirements.


[web analytics seminars]

Brandt Dainow offers seminars on topics such as web analytics, online marketing, and website management. These seminars are not techie, they are for the average business executive. The aim is to present information in a manner which is both entertaining and easy to absorb. Some of the online marketing seminars are certified for Continuing Professional Development points with the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing.

If your people need a better understanding of website management in an entertaining manner, contact us to discuss your needs.



NUIM campus[Research]

Brandt Dainow's academic research focuses on the development of Natural Law Theory within the context of Cyberlaw. His central methodology is philosophical, but he incorporates empirical research within a sociological context to determine the "what is" from which to draw philosophical conclusions. More details of Brandt's philosophical activity can be found in his RESEARCH page.

Current research

Brandt is currently completing a PhD at the Maynooth University's department of Computer Science. This research examines the threats to human autonomy generated by emerging ICT's, such as Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. Brandt is grateful to be in receipt of a Hume Scholarship to fund this research.

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